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Checkmate in Red
Checkmate in Red - Alice
Location Northwestern hemisphere
First appearance Looking Glass Land
Series American McGee's Alice
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Looking Glass Land map
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Checkmate in Red was a section of Looking Glass Land that Alice Liddell traveled to in order to end the battle between the Red and White chess pieces.


American McGee's Alice[]

When Alice arrived, she was attacked by several Red Pawns. Afterwards, Alice navigated her way around the area and eventually reached the courtyard, where several Red pieces proceeded to behead the White Queen. Alice continued further down the hall until she came to the border of the chess realm, where she was confronted by the Red King. After the tedious battle, Alice once again came out victorious. She then placed a White Pawn at the edge of the board, who became the White Queen due to the promotion rule, however, before celebrations began, Alice was knocked out by the Mad Hatter and was taken to the Hatter's Domain.


Checkmate in Red - Water Wheel

The buildings painted with the red theme of the area.

Checkmate in Red was exactly the same as the Pale Realm, Victorian structures were apparent in the land yet the layout was slightly different. Compared to the checkered black theme of the Pale Realm, Checkmate in Red was changed to a checkered bloody red. The sky was also checkered black and reddish white colors with the stars standing out on the black squares. It was also littered with enemies and had a few floating platforms.

Residents and creatures[]