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Alice: Madness Returns Wonderland
Effect(s) Doubles damage for all weapons
Based on Chess board and chess pieces
Series Alice: Madness Returns
DLC poster
Checkmate dress poster
Knight Takes Queen.
Alice: Madness Returns Equip Menu[1]

The Checkmate dress is a chess-inspired costume of Alice Liddell that appears as DLC. The dress' in-game effect is the double damage for all her weapons.


The dress changes Alice's irises to teal while her physical appearance stays the same.


The strap-less dress has a white skirt resembling the lower half of a chess piece, and a red bodice based on a rook. Her stockings are red-and-white striped, and her knee-high boots are made from a shiny red material and resembles pawns.

She wears red and white shoulder guards based on knight pieces, and vambraces based on bishops. Her pinafore is checkered and her Omega pendant is white. The pendant is tied to a red-and-white striped choker.

Hollow Yves[]

Hollow Yves' usual skull design changes to a white king piece. The bow becomes a red-and-white striped design, completing Alice's overall chess appearance.


  • The only chess piece not to appear on the outfit is the Queen, however it could be that Alice herself represents the Queen; in Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There, when Alice reaches the end of Looking Glass Land, and in turn the chess board, she turns from pawn to queen, just as in the rules of chess.
  • The red and white coloring suggests that since her last adventure into Wonderland, she has mutual support for either side of the board rather than just white, which was the side that the Cheshire Cat originally advised her to join.


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