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American McGee's Alice This article is about the real world.

This is a list of all available cheat codes for the original PC version of American McGee's Alice. It can be activated by enabling the "Console" window found in the Game Options of Settings. To enter the following codes, press ~ (the tilde key) to open the console window while playing the game.


The 2011 PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 versions do not allow cheats without modding due to the console being disabled. However, cheats can be modded into the 2011 PC remaster using one of two methods.

For the "ultimate" experience, install Peixoto's Patch first and then do the OmriKoresh mod. This is because Peixoto's Patch also contains some other features, while OmriKoresh mod also has more cheat features.

Peixoto's Patch method[]

Cheats option

Cheats binding.

Peixoto's Patch can be downloaded via the AHK forum or a direct download. In the "Patches" folder in the .zip you just downloaded, in "Alice", extract the "base" to your own Alice folder (replace the files if it asks).

Cheats in-game

Cheats in-game.

To access the cheats in-game, if you're using a controller, press the "triangle' on a PlayStation layout. If you're using a keyboard, you must first bind the cheats key in the actual in-game control settings.

Options will appear:

  • Summon Meta-Essence
  • Use Rage Box
  • Use Grasshopper Tea
  • Use Looking Glass
  • Have all toys

OmriKoresh mod method[]

OmriKoresh's mod can be downloaded via moddb, which also includes mirrors in case the download gives an error.

Drag ONLY the two files "pak8_mod.pk3" and "autoexec.cfg" into the game's "base" folder, and ensure "autoexec.cfg" only contains a single line:

bind o "pushmenu ali"

While in-game, press O to show the console and Escape to hide it. Options include:

General cheats[]

Name Code Effect
Godmode god Toggles godmode.
No clipping noclip Toggles no clipping.
All weapons wuss Gives Alice all weapons.
Give items give [ITEM NAME] Gives Alice an item. For the [ITEM NAME] codes, see this section.
Map select map [MAP NAME] Opens the selected map. For the [MAP NAME] codes, see this section.
All weapons and full ammunition give all Gives Alice all weapons with full ammunition.
Set health level health [1-100] Sets Alice's health level anywhere between 1 and 100.
First person view cg_cameradist -45 Enables first person view.
Return to default view cg_cameradist 128 Returns from first person view to the default view.
Disable enemy AI notarget Disables enemy AI.

Weapon and item codes[]

Name Code Effect
Vorpal Blade w_knife.tik Gives Alice the Vorpal Blade.
Playing Cards w_cards.tik Gives Alice the Playing Cards.
Croquet Mallet w_mallet.tik Gives Alice the Croquet Mallet.
Jackbomb w_jackbomb.tik Gives Alice the Jackbomb.
Jabberwock's Eye Staff w_eyestaff.tik Gives Alice the Eye Staff.
Ice Wand w_icewand.tik Gives Alice the Ice Wand.
Jacks w_jacks.tik Gives Alice the Jacks.
Blunderbuss w_blunderbuss.tik Gives Alice the Blunderbuss.
Demon Dice w_demondice.tik Gives Alice one set of demon dice (there are three in total).
Rage Box w_ragebox.tik Gives Alice a Rage Box.
Deadtime Watch w_watch.tik Gives Alice the Deadtime Watch.

Level select codes[]

Name Code Effect
Village of the Doomed gvillage Sends Alice to Dementia.
Village of the Doomed pandemonium Sends Alice to Pandemonium.
Fortress of Doors fortress1$fortress1_start1 Sends Alice to Fortress of Doors (sub-level) Part I.
Fortress of Doors fortress2 Sends Alice to Beyond the Wall.
Fortress of Doors fortress1$fortress1_start2 Sends Alice to Fortress of Doors (sub-level) Part II.
Fortress of Doors skool2 Sends Alice to Skool's Out.
Fortress of Doors skool1$skool1_start2 Sends Alice to Skool Daze Part II.
Vale of Tears potears1 Sends Alice to Pool of Tears.
Vale of Tears potears2 Sends Alice to Hollow Hideaway.
Vale of Tears potears3 Sends Alice to Just Desserts.
Vale of Tears utemple Sends Alice to Wholly Moral Ground.
Wonderland Woods garden1 Sends Alice to Dry Landing.
Wonderland Woods garden2 Sends Alice to Herbaceous Border.
Wonderland Woods garden3 Sends Alice to Rolling Stones.
Wonderland Woods garden4 Sends Alice to Icy Reception.
Wonderland Woods centipede1 Sends Alice to Fungiferous Flora.
Wonderland Woods centipede2 Sends Alice to Centipede's Sanctum.
Wonderland Woods forest$wforest_start1 Sends Alice to Caterpillar's Plot Part I.
Looking Glass Land wchess1 Sends Alice to Pale Realm.
Looking Glass Land wchess2 Sends Alice to Castling.
Looking Glass Land rchess1 Sends Alice to Checkmate in Red.
Behind the Looking Glass funhouse Sends Alice to Mirror Image.
Behind the Looking Glass hatter1 Sends Alice to Crazed Clockwork.
Behind the Looking Glass hatter2 Sends Alice to About Face.
Land of Fire and Brimstone jlair1 Sends Alice to Burning Curiosity.
Land of Fire and Brimstone jlair2 Sends Alice to Jabberwock's Lair.
Land of Fire and Brimstone wforest$wforest_start2 Sends Alice to Caterpillar's Plot Part II.
Queen of Hearts Land hedge1 Sends Alice to Majestic Maze.
Queen of Hearts Land tower1 Sends Alice to Airborne Terror.
Queen of Hearts Land hedge2 Sends Alice to Mystifying Madness.
Queen of Hearts Land tower2 Sends Alice to Water Logged.
Queen of Hearts Land hedge3 Sends Alice to Labyrinthine Revenge.
Queen of Hearts Land tower3 Sends Alice to Machinations.
Queensland grounds1 Sends Alice to Royal Rage.
Queensland grounds2 Sends Alice to Battle Royale.
Queensland facade Sends Alice to Ascension.
Queensland keep Sends Alice to Castle Keep.
Queensland qlair Sends Alice to Heart of Darkness.