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Caterpillar dress
Effect(s) Shrink Sense is always enabled
Based on Caterpillar
Series Alice: Madness Returns
DLC poster
Caterpillar dress poster
Revealing Attire.
Alice: Madness Returns Equip Menu[1]

The Caterpillar dress is one of Alice's costumes available as DLC. It is based on the appearance of the Caterpillar in his mature stage as a butterfly. The dress' in-game effect is the continued use of Shrink Sense, regardless of Alice's size.


The dress makes Alice's pupils extremely dilated, causing her eyes to appear black.


The Caterpillar dress is a strapless dress which resembles the green, spiral-patterned, segmented body of a caterpillar, with four small bug legs sticking out from the midriff, and white fur around the waist and bust. She wears long black-and-white striped tights with a black back-curl at the toes.

Accessories include dark green gloves with fur trim, a small red fez, long curled green antennae, red-and-black butterfly wings on the back, and Alice's Omega pendent in red, hanging from a choker made of white fur.

Hollow Yves[]

Unlike the usual bows in the back of Alice's other dresses, Hollow Yves does not appear on this dress. The bow is noticeably absent at the back of the dress.


  • It is one of the bulkiest dresses in appearance that Alice can equip, although other features such as the wings are small compared to the dress size.
  • This is the only DLC and Wonderland dress that Hollow Yves does not appear on as a bow.
  • The butterfly wings at Alice's back form the Caterpillar's face.


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