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Caterpillar's Plot
Caterpillar's Plot - Gateway
Location Western hemisphere
First appearance Wonderland Woods
Series American McGee's Alice
Location on map
Wonderland Woods map
Further information
Previous Centipede's Sanctum [WW], Jabberwock's Lair [LFB]

The Caterpillar's Plot was the seventh and final section of the Wonderland Woods. It was also the third and final section of the Land of Fire and Brimstone. It was located just above the Wonderland Woods itself.


American McGee's Alice[]

Caterpillar's Plot - Directions

Directions to the Majestic Maze and Pale Realm.

Alice finally arrived at the plot after defeating the Voracious Centipede and eating the Mushroom of Life. Once there, she was attacked by several enemies and had to set off to find the oracle, who was later revealed to be the Caterpillar. She then entered Looking Glass Land[1] and eventually returned after defeating the Jabberwock in the Land of Fire and Brimstone.[2]


The Plot was particularly rocky in appearance and was coated in lava. It had mountainous edges which were impossible for Alice to climb as well as a few odd unreachable caves. There were a few ledges, signs, and some metal fences. When closer to the Looking Glass Land, the area became more chess-like in appearance. In the center of the Plot was a spiral pathway leading towards the first piece of the Jabberwock's Eye Staff.

Residents and creatures[]

Caterpillar's Plot - Phantasmagoria

Phantasmagoria and Fire Imps in the area.


  • In the Spanish edition of the game, the name of the level is "Conspiración", which translates to "Conspiracy".
  • The old EA website for American McGee's Alice refers to the Caterpillar's Plot as Catapillar Garden.[3]


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