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American McGee's Alice

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I'm not really a player. What are the rules?
Alice Liddell to the White King

Castling was the second section of Looking Glass Land. It was where Alice first found the White Queen, and was pleaded by the White King to rescue her.


American McGee's Alice

Alice arrived at a large foyer where many slain White Pawns were lifeless. When she approached the castle, the doors busted open and several Red enemies dragged the White Queen forcefully to a platform, taking her to their side of the realm. Alice was attacked by some of these pieces afterwards, but came out victorious overall. She then proceeded through the castle where several chess pieces were fighting among one another and eventually found the White King. He pleaded for Alice's help and gave her a White Pawn to take with her. She followed one of the White Rooks to the portal and went to Checkmate in Red.


Castling - Alice

Portraits of Alice and the White King.

Similar to the Pale Realm, the area primarily consisted of Victorian structures on a chess-based area, however, it was more focused around the White Castle. Inside the castle, there were various images and most of the rooms were large and contained fountains.


  • White Castle

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