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Castle Keep
Castle Keep
Location Northern hemisphere
First appearance Queensland
Series American McGee's Alice
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AMA Queensland map
Further information
Previous Ascension
Next Heart of Darkness

The Castle Keep was the fourth and final section of Queensland before the battle with the Queen of Hearts. It was the top of the Queen's castle as it took place after Ascension. It was filled with Card Guards who defended the Queen for the final time before the battle.


American McGee's Alice[]

Alice entered the Castle Keep only to be bombarded by Card Guards. As she continued onwards, she eventually came across a series of portraits which created a puzzle involving a mirror and an area behind the entrance of the Keep. After completing the puzzle, Alice went forward and met with the Cheshire Cat.


Castle Keep - Guard

A Card Guard through a corridor.

The Castle Keep was a small area that contained a few large rooms. It was very grand in appearance and had no remains of the Queen's organs anywhere. It was teeming with enemies and had lava flowing throughout. In the main room, there were three portraits: one of the Jabberwock, Mad Hatter, and Tweedledee. Going backwards, there was an area surrounded by nothingness and was lit by only one light. It contributed to the puzzle before the final battle with the Queen.

Residents and creatures[]

  • Card Guards