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Cannon Crab
Cannon Crab
First appearance Deluded Depths
Series Alice: Madness Returns
Melee attack Claw strike
Ranged attack Cannon
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The Cannon Crab is a giant enemy crab creature with a tough exo-skeleton making it immune to damage. However, flipping the cruel crustacean over proves to be an advantage, revealing its vulnerable underbelly.


Alice: Madness Returns[]

After being tasked by the Carpenter to retrieve the script from the Octopus, assist the Music Fish, and wake up the Oyster Starlets, Alice went out of the theatre through the side exit. She found a small area with the Cannon Crab hiding in the cave.[1]


The Cannon Crab is a huge orange crustacean with eight legs and a white underbelly. It has a black claw on its left pincer and a cannon on its right. The Crab has a cigar in its mouth for lighting its cannon.


  • Cannon – The Cannon Crab will light the cannon with its cigar and fire at Alice.
  • Claw strike – The Cannon Crab will raise its claw up and swing down on Alice when she is close.



Alice - Cannon Crab

Alice fighting a Cannon Crab.

To damage the Crab, it needs to be flipped over first, which can be done by either using the Clockwork Bomb when the Crab is nearby or allowing the Crab to melee it, or timing the use of the Umbrella to return a cannonball it fired. If the Umbrella is deployed too early, Alice will simply redirect the projectile away from her. Alternatively, three hits with the Hobby Horse will also cause it to flip over. Once flipped over, get in a few hits before backing off and repeating the process.


  • Revealed in The Art of Alice: Madness Returns, the Cannon Crab had a female counterpart that was to perform on stage with the Oyster Starlets. They wore flamboyantly pink costumes including can-can skirts and feather boas, but the idea was scrapped.
  • The Cannon Crab may be loosely based off a crab that appeared in the Caucus scene in the first book.


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