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Alice: Madness Returns Wonderland
Breakable containers
Snail shells
Effect(s) Gives Alice Roses and Teeth
Series Alice: Madness Returns

Breakable containers are hollow, destroyable objects that appear throughout Wonderland. They hold Roses that can heal Alice and Teeth that can be collected to upgrade weapons. However, some of them also contain Slithering Ruin, which will jump at Alice the moment it is destroyed. Duchess baskets also act as a type of container, though they can only be found after peppering Pig Snouts.


The design of the containers differ depending on which province of Wonderland Alice is currently in.

  • Cardbridge – Paper boxes.
  • Crockery – Tea pots.
  • Deluded Depths – Iron treasure chests and dried sea urchins.
  • Dollhouse – Various slices of insect-contaminated cake and large, cracked china doll heads.
  • Hatter's Domain – Scrap metal boxes and dirty steel pots.
  • Oriental Grove – White origami paper boxes, nutshells, sake clay pots, and peaches.
  • Queensland – Pustules; both dried and fresh ones that contain pus.
  • Tundraful – Hardened yellow starfish that stand up straight on two points.
  • Vale of Doom – Scrap boxes.
  • Vale of Tears – Empty snail shells; either in a natural tan color or a rainbow pattern.