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American McGee's Alice Wonderland
Book of Bizarre Things
Book of Bizarre Things
Effect(s) Contains Drink Me potion recipe
Series American McGee's Alice

The Book of Bizarre Things held the recipe for the shrinking potion that Alice Liddell needed in order to shrink down to size and follow the White Rabbit.[1]


American McGee's Alice[]

When Alice arrived in the theatre of the Skool, she saw Mayor Elder smoking his pipe and watching the Insane Children perform on the stage. He remarked that he had forgotten to tell her about the book and tasked her to retrieve it in the library. As soon as he finished telling her, two Card Guards attacked them and the Elder vanished.

She went up to the library and collected a floating book in each floor to get to the Book of Bizarre Things. After she was able to gather all four books, she noticed that the book was locked and Cheshire Cat told her that she needed to "tap [it] in the right spot" to open it. Alice pushed the book off its pedestal and it fell to the first floor, breaking the lock and opening to the page for the potion's ingredients. She read the ingredients before going off to find them.[1]