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Fortress of Doors


American McGee's Alice

Ranged attack


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Boojums have revolting table manners. They'll eat anything. Dispose of them or become a meal.
Cheshire Cat

Boojums are flying enemies known for their loud screeches. They usually appear in large numbers and can push Alice with their screams.


American Mcgee's Alice

Alice encountered Boojums in the Fortress of Doors,[1] and appeared in a larger number inside the Skool.[2][3]


The Boojums are dressed in robes adorned with bright red details. They possess piercing yellow eyes and their skin is grayish brown.


  • Death Scream - The Boojum screams a horrible screech of death that slightly damages Alice, but throws her in unpredictable directions and blows her off her feet.


Boojum in flight

A Boojum in flight.

They fly around Alice for a while, making them a hard target. Once they hone in on Alice and hunch back a little bit, they make their signature scream, which harms the player. They appear to be wearing holy vestibules that have been tainted with evil.

Many Boojums can prove a bit of an annoyance rather than a threat and are easily taken care of with Alice's Playing Cards or Ice Wand. Boojums are one of two enemies that can be directly mentioned as a clue from the Cheshire Cat's quote: "That savage shriek is the mere tip of the iceberg that is the Boojum's repulsive personality."



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