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Alice: Madness Returns Wonderland
First appearance Vale of Tears
Series Alice: Madness Returns
Melee attack Latch
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What pass for fauna in the Hatter's Domain resemble winged cross bow bolts. They nest in the now wrecked machinery, of which they're very protective. They become fractious when disturbed, and for dumb "creatures" they're annoyingly resourceful.
Alice Liddell

The Bolterfly is an enemy in Wonderland which appears similar to a dragonfly. Their only attack is latching onto Alice and draining her health, which reduces a quarter of a Rose. When they appear, there are several hives present in the area which must be taken out as soon as possible to prevent more Bolterflies from spawning. When they die, they make a sound similar to glass shattering.


Alice: Madness Returns[]

Alice first fought the Bolterflies in the backyard of the Duchess. Her original task was to pepper the Pig Snouts with the Pepper Grinder, however she also found several hives of Bolterflies and an Insidious Ruin in the area.[1]


Bolterflies are flying bolts with glass wings. They have four legs, and their head is indicated by an orange color with an X-shaped mark, similar to the top of a screw.


  • Latching – The Bolterfly latches onto Alice, stopping her from attacking, and slowly drains her health if not shaken off immediately.


When a Bolterfly latches on Alice, she can shake them off by dodging or shrinking. An incoming Bolterfly can be easily killed from afar with the Pepper Grinder due to its low health, while the Vorpal Blade and the Hobby Horse can also be used in close-range against them. Meanwhile, the Bolterfly's hive can be destroyed faster with the Vorpal Blade, the Teapot Cannon or the Hobby Horse.


  • A different version of the Bolterfly can be seen fluttering around the Vale of Tears, resembling a nut with wings. Alice cannot interact with it, as it is merely one of several background creatures.
    • It may be a visual pun on "Nutterfly".
  • Killing 5 Bolterflies in a row with the Pepper Grinder results in the achievement/trophy called Grind 'em All!


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