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Blood Rose
Blood Rose
First appearance Dry Landing
Series American McGee's Alice
Melee attack Swipe
Ranged attack Thorns
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You probably won't notice a Blood Rose until it sprouts to its towering size and begins hurling giant thorns at you. These projectiles move fairly fast and come in large clusters.
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Blood Roses were corrupted flowers who despised Alice Liddell's appearance and attacked her by shooting out red thorns from their petals. They were an extremely large enemy, towering over Alice when they reached their full size, and served the Queen of Hearts.


American McGee's Alice[]

After talking to the Mock Turtle, Alice hopped on a leaf and began traveling on the river in the Pool of Tears. While traversing the river, Alice encountered a Blood Rose on the left shore.[1]


Before growth, the Roses were tiny, regular-sized flowers, but upon approaching them they grew to around twice Alice's size. Their stalks were a dark, lush green color destroyed by a heavy arm of thorns. Closer to their head was a scarf of thick leaves that surrounded their dark pink petals. They appeared to have a dark purple face in the center of their petals.


  • Thorn Barrage – The Blood Rose hisses, and its petals expel rose thorns.
  • Swipe – When Alice is close to the Rose, it swipes at her with its leaves.


There is no real trick to defeating the Roses, except for avoiding their first barrage of thorns. Afterwards, they will be lucky to even hit Alice. Walking up to the vicious flora will cause them to swipe at Alice. One throw of the Vorpal Blade kills them easily, and a shot from the mallet can kill them in three hits.


  • Blood Roses and Shrinking Violets appear to be based on the Garden of Talking Flowers as seen in Alice's second adventure, Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There.
  • The shape of this creature's petals looks like a close-up of a vaginal opening: like the Doll Girl, the Blood Rose may represent abused childhood, rape or possibly just Alice's fear of her own sexuality.
  • The Roses are not fully grown until Alice approaches them.