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LiaSakura LiaSakura 4 September 2017

Possibility of Alice 3

Great news!

American has recently released a blog post stating that he will start to work on a proposal for the next installment of Alice. The sequel is tentatively titled as "Alice: Asylum" and will be submitted to EA once the proposal itself is finished. However, as this is only a business proposal, Alice 3 still has a lot to go through before we can actually jump for joy that there will be an actual sequel. It still has to be approved by EA before anything else can be done after all :)

Fingers crossed that EA is willing to listen and allow American to continue his masterpiece. Click on Alice below to go to his blog page and subscribe to American's mailing list for Alice 3 updates! Meanwhile, do check out the live streams of his Alice: Madness Ret…

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SailorSedna052 SailorSedna052 10 September 2017

Long Forgotten Movie

I know that there was a supposed to be a movie based from these games and to be honest I would love to see it. But seeing as it's been in development hell for years, we're not going to get it. To tell you the truth when I first heard it I already guess who would play who in the movie. 


Alice Liddle: Emma Watson

Queen of Hearts: Sarah Paulson

Cheshire Cat: James Cromwell

Mad Hatter: Johnny Depp (I thought he did fine)

March Hare: Finn Wittrock

Dormouse: Evan Peters

White Rabbit: Rupert Grint

Caterpillar: Zachary Quinto

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Scrolling around the old site

So here I'll give a guide to the old Alice site that existed during 2000, around the time of the first game's release. This blog is here to simply go back in time, give a visual guide and give an idea of how the game's development went by and the progresses made. To see the site yourself, and possibly to get some interesting information, see this link:

Here is a gallery of how the site looked on each page.

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LiaSakura LiaSakura 14 April 2017

Alice: Madness Returns animatics and more!

Greetings! American has recently released several Alice-related merch and animations for the past months. Here is a compilation of them.

Several AMR animatics have been recently made viewable by American himself via his YouTube playlist. These are the draft version of the sequences themselves before they became the final cutscenes that we have seen in the game today!

The Vorpal Wallet and Dr. Romanelli Alice Blazer have recently been available in the Mysterious shop. Check these out and all the other Alice-merch still available for purchase!

Lia 09:51, April 14, 2017 (UTC)

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AestheticsAllY AestheticsAllY 10 September 2017


I would first like to start this off with I hope making a little hello is ok ^u^"

But anywho, hi my name is Allison, 

Alot of people on wikia tend to call me Alli or Ally so feel free to do so.

Im 14 years old and joined wikia back in November 2014.

Im working on my 3rd year of wikia.

I enjoy coding, reading, writing, and drawing. 

Feel free to see more on my profile.

I absolutely love Alice in Wonderland and enjoy the 

American McGee version.

If you ever need help coding something im always here to do so.

with love

CastAway (talk) 13:33, October 26, 2016 (UTC)

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LiaSakura LiaSakura 2 September 2016

Red Queen Sale

Mysterious has a new item sale! For the whole month of September 2016, all "Red" items are on sale. These items are the Red Mercury Wallet, Red Hood Bag, and Red Hood Purse. Each item comes with a free limited edition "Queensland Gate" prints, which are individually signed by McGee himself!

To visit the Mysterious shop and view the items on sale, simply click the Red Queen's icon and it will take you there. Have fun!

Lia 10:48, September 2, 2016 (UTC)

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LiaSakura LiaSakura 14 July 2016

Art Flash Sale on 14th of July

A rare artwork flash sale is happening on the 14th of July! Among these rare artworks are art prints for Alice: Madness Returns and Alice: Otherlands.]] 11:10, July 14, 2016 (UTC)

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LiaSakura LiaSakura 30 June 2016

American's personal collection flash sale master post

]] 15:54, June 30, 2016 (UTC)

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LiaSakura LiaSakura 16 November 2015

Calling all Alice fans!

Did you love American McGee's version of Alice? If so, you can help American McGee gain the rights for another Alice game from EA by signing Spell Bound's "Let American McGee make a new Alice game" petition. At the time of this blog's creation, the petition has reached 22.1k+ signatures and it needs a lot more to catch EA's attention and influence them to change their minds. American McGee has supported the petition himself, and the petition has reached this far, so don't let it go to waste!

Simply click the icon of Hollow Yves above and it will take you to the petition site :)

Lia 15:59, November 16, 2015 (UTC)

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LiaSakura LiaSakura 29 October 2015

Great news!

Per Update #57, digital assets will be released on Halloween - Midnight, October 31st, London time. (American has given the countdown timer himself! See it here!) For the physical ones, American has requested that backers should wait at least 30 days from November 10 before contacting him directly via Kickstarter.

The first limited edition of the Vorpal Purse has been released in the Mysterious shop! You can get a 10% discount by simply using the code "Halloween10" at the checkout. (Be sure to remove the quotation marks!)

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LiaSakura LiaSakura 8 August 2015

The Vorpal Wallet

The Vorpal Wallet is out! It is available since August 26 and like the Vorpal Bag, a total of 200 were released and are on sale. As of August 29, only 89 limited edition wallets are left!

The Vorpal Wallet is coming soon in the Mysterious Shop! American announced that it has been sent into production and should be ready to sell in around one month.

Click on the logo to visit the shop. If you would like to sign up for the Vorpal Wallet newsletter only, a sign up link is available in the product page itself.

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LiaSakura LiaSakura 30 June 2015

The Vorpal Bag

Shipping starts this week! The free Alice: Otherlands DVD offer ends on August 1!

There are only 100 (maybe even less) limited edition handbags left! July specials are:

  • free shipping!
  • free Alice: Otherlands DVD copy!

Don't miss this opportunity! The AO DVD offer is only for customers who purchased the Vorpal Bag in June or July.

American McGee has recently released the first of his fairytale favorites in his "Mysterious" shop! There are only 200 per edition. If you are planning to avail for custom editions, please note that it will cost higher than the ones released now and shipping it would take longer.

Click on the Vorpal logo image for the shop's link! To sign up for the "Mysterious" mailing list, please click the icon below.

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Thejoker13p Thejoker13p 10 September 2017

The origin of Alice

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (commonly shortened to Alice in Wonderland) is an 1865 novel written by English author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll. It tells of a girl named Alice who falls down a rabbit hole into a fantasy world populated by peculiar, anthropomorphic creatures. The tale plays with logic, giving the story lasting popularity with adults as well as with children.

And that was the first time that Alice was written.

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The White Queen 18 The White Queen 18 10 September 2017

First blog post

' i've seen a cat without a grin but never a grin without the cat ' Alice's adventures in wonderland

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LiaSakura LiaSakura 9 August 2014

Alice update bundle

With few Otherlands updates coming in lately these past months, here is a master post of Alice: Otherlands Kickstarter updates with related Alice posts from American McGee! Previous updates from the Kickstarter can be read here.

Feel free to refresh this page to check if a new update is up!

Notice: the latest updates might be up a day or two later after it is made available from their main sources.


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Soranin Soranin 17 June 2014

The Quest for Verification

Basically, there are four pages marked with questionable sources.

  • Cheshire Cat

The Cheshire Cat in the first game has green eyes that glow, however his original eye color is yellow.[source?]

  • Mad Hatter

In interview, American McGee has stated that the Hatter is a reflection of Alice's emotional state; part of her rage in the first game and a different kind of anger and self-preservation mechanism in the second.[source?]

  • Mecha

The Mecha was never actually meant to be a boss battle. American wanted to "go outside the box" of normal gaming, and not include any boss battles.[source?] Wrong information. A New document.

  • The Art of Alice: Otherlands

The Art of Alice: Otherlands is a confirmed but unreleased book which may presumably be published by Dark Ho…

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Hysteria31 Hysteria31 10 September 2017

So I'm doing a project...

I'm typing up the entire transcript of Madness Returns, all linear quotes from cutscenes and a number of other quotes that are progrssive to the story. I have Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 done so far (London 1, Vale of Tears, Hatter's Domain, London 2, Tundraful, Deluded Depths) and was wondering if it would be cool to add a page to the wiki for it when I finish? It makes quote finding way easier. I can do it for the original Alice too, but I haven't quite finished beating it yet, haha... (it's freaking hard!)

If anyone has any opinions on that, y'know... talk at me?

EDIT: If you want to see my progress: Look over here and compare to this over here (I've added other quotes that aren't within cutscenes because I think they are conducive to the sto…

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Soranin Soranin 3 February 2014

Otherlands Update Pack

Here are the four latest updates on Alice: Otherlands, as published in the Kickstarter page, as well as American McGee's own Facebook.

  • 1 First Update - A Night at the Opera (Kickstarter - November 15th, 2013)
  • 2 Second Update - 20,000 Leagues into Otherlands (Kickstarter - January 9th, 2014)
  • 3 Third Update - Wing (Facebook - January 16th, 2014)
  • 4 Fourth Update - Progress and Possibilities (Kickstarter - February 17th, 2014)

Greetings Backers,

American here with an exciting update on progress with the stop-motion animation being directed by Troy Morgan. But first, a prelude to set the mood:

A poster for Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelugen is being placed on the marquee outside London’s Royal Opera House.

Inside, Alice is sweeping and cleaning the floors of …

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Ghostdoe Ghostdoe 1 October 2013

Interview With American McGee

So recently, American McGee has agreed to have an interview with me for the Alice wiki. This is a great opportunity to grab Alice information that hasn't yet been confirmed or needs confirmation.

Please feel free to suggest any questions in the comments, whether is about Alice, American or the people he has worked with. Try to expand out as much as possible with questions, search a few things!

Thanks guys!

  • Were there any characters or enemies seen in the art book that made it into it's model stages that weren't published in the game or extra content?
  • You've said recently that once Otherlands was a completed animation, you could create more merchandise for the Alice series. Is there anything you're wanting to make and is there anything you're n…

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Ghostdoe Ghostdoe 29 September 2013

First Otherlands Script Revealed! Jules Verne!

So, as of today, the first mind has definitely been confirmed, and American has treated us to something that blesses us all; the script.

So, looks like we'll need a page for our Verne and a template for historical Otherlands characters (because they're real, unlike most Wonderland characters, so it would be best documenting what they're known for, the period they were alive and such).

Also, we should definitely make a page for Otherlands scripts just for record, primarily because there it is extremely difficult to obtain alphas and betas with cinematography.

This also looks absolutely amazing.

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Mati9319 Mati9319 9 September 2013

Above the Clouds - mystery solved

Mental realm in Above the Clouds concept art belongs to Hilda Hewlett as stated in Update #10. She's born in London of course and if Alice: Otherlands will take place in 1876, she would be 12 at this time. It also kinda confirms that if two people would explore the same mental realm at the same time, they could be able to meet with each other. I think it's highly possible that it's Hilda on this plane behind Alice.

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Ghostdoe Ghostdoe 25 March 2014

Game Music Video (GMV) submissions

Recently I've noticed the change of GMV shown on the front page (Game Music Video, not to be confused with an AMV which is an Anime Music Video commonly). I've decided that it may be a good idea for members of the wikia community to use this blog post to suggest their own or other peoples GMV's so that we can use our popularity to help to community more, hopefully.

In the comments, feel free to suggest some videos and maybe add a few reasons as to why you think it should be featured (if it isn't your own).

  • Alice: Madness Returns Music Video (Egypt Central) *SPOILERS* by Starkiller234 | Ghostdoe
  • ALICE: sing me to sleep by DreamingLara | Ghostdoe
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Superlady01 Superlady01 10 September 2017

Im a bit stuck! with the game...

Well,i have got to the . dodo miserarium the jumping puzzle bit i do not know how to get to the top please help

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Mati9319 Mati9319 17 August 2013

"Alice: Otherlands" - facts that we know

I allowed myself to collect and present the most important facts about upcoming animated series Alice: Otherlands from Kickstarter page. There'll be some informations that are mentioned on this wiki arleady, but I don't think it'll be big problem for anyone.

  • Alice will have an ability to visit other people's minds. More specifically: their Wonderlands,
  • Alice will visit minds of few famous people (including Thomas Edison, Charles Darwin or Mark Twain),
  • Alice will take the fight against an organisation or a singular bad guy ("or" because American McGee isn't sure already, which we can tell from the Kickstarter page), which plans to imprison all inhabitants of London in a "prison of the mind",
  • activity of this organisation (let's assume that it'll…

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Ghostdoe Ghostdoe 10 August 2013


I'm leaving the wiki. I've got too much on my plate right now. While I'm still a massive fan of Alice, I don't really want to stay much longer. I feel I've worked too hard to get where I am but in the end it is so easy to give up. If someone would like to remove me as an admin, please do, but it isn't a must if no one wants to (considering there are other "dead" administrators here). It's depressing kind of because I've worked my way to get where I am but I just don't feel welcome any more.

Sorry. I guess.

- Ghost

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AlexShepherd AlexShepherd 5 August 2013

Preparing for Otherlands

I'm very excited that Alice: Otherlands has been successfully funded on Kickstarter! However, a new installment also means lots of renovation, updating and an overhaul to the wiki. Right now, we're currently in this process.

Remember: this is Wikia. Anyone can edit it, even you, so don't be afraid or intimidated to go for it. I should also note a few important things: this is a fansite. It is not run by Spicy Horse. It is not run by American McGee. It is not run my Electronic Arts. It is run by Alice fans who edit wikis. As such, it relies on the collaboration of fans.

This blog is for discussion related to Otherlands, as well as helping to prepare the wiki for it. Questions, answers, concerns, whatever you want.

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Ghostdoe Ghostdoe 21 July 2013

Alice: Madness Returns Prints

Just a note to any Kickstarter fans that Alice: Madness Returns limited edition prints that now cannot be bought and were exclusive are now up on the Kickstarter. These could be bought on but are now available for the public again.


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SethDaigle SethDaigle 6 June 2013

What would be a good cast for the film adaptation of American mcgees alice?

Someone give me a list of who you think should be in the still non-existent film adaptation of American Mcgees Alice. You can cast any character you like. Can you also cast the Queen of Hearts, the red king, the white king, and the white queen.

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Blugo34 Blugo34 11 August 2013

Possible Concept art for "Alice 3"

These are some of the possible concept art in Alice: Otherlands from American McGee's facebook.

  • Casino
  • Theatre
  • Carousel
  • Pub (building with a giant twister anchor on top)

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AlexShepherd AlexShepherd 14 March 2013

Alice 3 - an upcoming possibility!

From American McGee's Facebook:

Ohmygodyes. This needs to happen. I'm a diehard fan of both Alice games, and would support a potential sequel through the wiki. Hopefully if this does happen, some of Madness Returns' criticism will be used in regards, such as the less overly long levels. If the Alice series is going to end, it should go out with a trilogy that resolves everything.

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Disfacimento Disfacimento 10 September 2017


Being fully aware that Alice contains a moderate amount of sexual innuendo, I would like to just point out something about the Carpenter, in the Deluded Depths.

I don't believe that it is by random chance that when standing upright, Alice's head is at the exact same height as the Carpenter's groin. 

  • Bernie Kropp voice* Coincidence!?! I think NOT!

Hehe. Just throwing that out there. :P

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SethDaigle SethDaigle 10 November 2012

Is the white queen an old woman or a young woman?

Is the white queen from American Mcgees Alice an old woman or a young woman? I can't tell.I couldn't even tell if she was young or old when she was being decapitated. Can somebody tell me if she is old or young.

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TheGlassHourKnifeOfDeath666! TheGlassHourKnifeOfDeath666! 25 October 2012


ALICE:MADNESS RETURNESS LOOKS AWSOME!!! I Would Amuze Myself Better Off Buying This Title/Videogame Someday Part Of My Life...As The Fact!-It Looks As If This Game Looks Good ENOUGH!,That I Sould Even Gett It NOW! Or Whenever??????Just 2 Say.Alice Madness Returness Is One Of Thouse Random/Hooror/Adveture Types Of Games That You Would Seek Your Mind Into Another World!.OTHERWISE THAT,NOTHING ELSE COULD BE MORE AMAZEING!!!!! THAN SENDING YOURSELF INTO A WOULD OF ADVENTURESS STUFF LIKE ALICE HAD TO GO THREW...NOT GOING CYICKO! IS NOT WHAT IM GETTING AT FRIENDS...TAKE YOUR MIND AND TIME AWAY FROM YOURSELFS,AND SEEK OUT THE FICTION REALAITY!!!!


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SethDaigle SethDaigle 2 September 2012

What would be a perfect storyline for American mcgees Alice 3?

There might be an American Mcgee's Alice 3. If there would be one, what do you think it should be about? Use your imagination to think of a good storyline.

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My Blog, PART 1

First order of buisiness: I have one inquiry for the Alice fans out here on the Wikia! I've been wondering something, and that would be "Who would be a good partner for Wonderland's protector, romance-wise?". I've already cast my vote in as Ivan Sakharine from Peter Jackson and Steven Speilberg's "The Adventures of Tintin", who is portrayed by the amazing Daniel Craig! But I want to hear from you guys: Tell me who you think Alice's best partner would be!

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Mz spillz blood Mz spillz blood 17 July 2012



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The Officious Blog of Kirsten E. Scholtes

Yes, this is my brand-new blog here on the Alice Wiki! I'm new to the crap, and don't quite understand all of this, so if I've made a mistake, don't blame me XP

Well, if you read my profile page, you'd see that I like plenty of weird stuff, but I like the idea of blogging, mainly because I love John H. Watson's blog in BBC's Sherlock. I hope you take some enjoyment in reading what I have to say, so, here I go, plunging myself into whatever comes my way.


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AliceLiddelPL AliceLiddelPL 13 July 2012

Hey everybody !

I love Alice:Madness Returns and American McGees Alice !

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Medelune Medelune 8 July 2012

Hey !

Hi, I am creator on Polish Alice Wiki. My name's Maddie.

XXX Maddie.

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Volatine Volatine 12 November 2012


Hi;) I am Julie, and u?

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Kanani99 Kanani99 24 June 2012

Just Another Alice Fan

I am a BIG Alice fan. I played up to Queensland in two days at my friend's house, beause I could just not put the controller down. They have really outdone themselves and I hope the make a third Alice.

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AliceLiddell Vorpal AliceLiddell Vorpal 5 June 2012

Welcome to Alice Wikia

Welcome!! If you need someone. I'm always here to talk to. :)

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AliceLiddell Vorpal AliceLiddell Vorpal 4 June 2012

Alice Madness Returns

I have just recently starting playing Alice: Madness Returns about two weeks ago and I have been having some trouble. The Madcaps keep trying to kill me so I need my dad to help me every now and then, so I don't die. I love the graphics. I would love to cosplay as Alice but I'm not skinny enough.

I love drawing the pictures and I can picture me as the actress for Alice and it would be a horror movie so then it would be Rated R.

The Mad Hatter is amazing and he has a big nose haha. Oh but he is awesome but like a witch.

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Alice Liddellx Alice Liddellx 28 May 2012

I am a huge Alice fan.

So I'm like obseed with Alice and want everything to with it. I'm in the process of gettting all of Alice's dress. I also recently got the vorpal blade.

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Shyla001 Shyla001 1 April 2012


hi there!

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Tangentalsnow0 Tangentalsnow0 27 March 2012

beyond a shattered looking glass

here is chapter 1 of a story called beyond a shattered looking glass

Chapter 1: First Meetings

- 4th November 1864

Rutledge Private Clinic and Asylum was a large haunting building that was built in a sloped gulf stuck between two hills, in Lancashire, England. At least six stories high with many hidden catacomb wards beneath the ground floor, it was safe to say that Rutledge Institute was indeed a place of secrets and madness. The nights there were enough to send a sane person into one of the beds in a fit of madness. Not was there one minute in the institute where it was quiet, with insane patients in straightjackets being carted off into solitary confinement. Others were dragged away to some unknown fate, kicking and screaming, raving abou…

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Tangentalsnow0 Tangentalsnow0 25 March 2012

The Insane Wonderland

My name is Matthew Paul and I LOVE Alice: Madness Returns. Ever since I got the game I have been playing it whenever I get time. My favorite dress of hers is the Hattress and the Classic dress. My favorite weapon is the Vorpal Cleaver and the Cat-Nip Cannon.

The story mode dresses are Classic, Steamdress, Siren, Royal Suit, and Misstiched. The downloadable dresses are Caterpillar, Fleshmaiden, Hattress, Cheshire, Late But Lucky, and Checkmate.

The story mode weapons are The Vorpal Blade, Pepper Grinder, Hobby Horse, and Teapot Cannon. The downloadable weapons are Vorpal Cleaver, Octo-Grinder, Knightmare, and Cat-Nip Cannon.

I hope you guys like my article. I will write more on my blog. TTYL!

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MeltingMan234 MeltingMan234 16 February 2012

Extra Content Photo's are now up

I have now succesfully uploaded all the Extra content photos and put them in the certian articles. Although I'm having trouble with the Samurai Wasp Shield photo on his profile, but I just wanted you guys know that their all here and stuff

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MeltingMan234 MeltingMan234 11 February 2012

Problem uploading photos

I'm trying to upload some photos on certian articles, I click modify, choose the photo, click add photo.... and nothing happens. It doesn't idicate or show if the photo is uploading. Can someone help me out here or help get the photos to their certian articles?

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Kiragami99 Kiragami99 31 January 2012

Glitch in the game

Okay, so I have the PC version of Alice: Madness Returns and I am currently in the Mysterious East. I'm at the point right after the slide and you have to go through some hall-type platforms then you get practically ambushed by enemies then you have to destory the Insidious goo on a button to raise a platform to press yet another button to open up shelves to pull a chain. I know my description is horrible but let me get to the problem; I've tried countless times roding this part and each time either some of the enemies that are supposed to show up DON'T show up or I defeat all the enemies but the goo doesn't harden this I can't press the button. I know the description is fuzzy but I could really use your cooperation and help right now. Ple…

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