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Bitch Baby
Bitch Baby
First appearance Dollhouse
Series Alice: Madness Returns
Melee attack Charging, Body Throw
Ranged attack Vomit
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Bitch Babies are doll enemies common in the Dollhouse. They fly using their limbs as propellers and attack Alice with their vomit.


Alice: Madness Returns[]

When Alice completed the puzzle, one side of the house opened and several Bitch Babies tried to attack her. After killing them, she used the steam vents to get to the lever and avoid the swinging dolls.[1]


The Bitch Baby is made of two doll parts and a mechanism. Its head is the head of a female doll with dirty blonde hair decorated with a teal ribbon. Its eyes have a screw jutting out on each pupil and white goo dripping down its face. The Bitch Baby has four doll legs that act as propellers.


  • Reckless Charge – Charges at Alice at propelled speeds.
  • Vomit – The Bitch Baby vomits on Alice with a ball of gastric acids.
  • We All Fall Down – When it is defeated, the Bitch Baby throws itself on the ground. The broken porcelain and acid can damage Alice.


Using the Umbrella, Alice can easily kill the Bitch Baby. It is a good idea to keep a distance when the baby is defeated as it spirals out of control and throws itself into the ground, where Alice can be injured by the broken porcelain and acid.

On terms of ranged weapons, the Pepper Grinder might not be the best method for killing a Bitch Baby, as it will commonly dodge the gunfire and proceed to attack. The Teapot Cannon is a much better method as it can kill the Bitch Baby with one hit and most of the time, the baby would not even bother dodging the attack.


  • Killing 10 Bitch Babies with the Umbrella results in the achievement/trophy called Brollyant.


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