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Bill McGill's house
Bill McGill's house
Location Edge of Vale of Tears
First appearance Hollow Hideaway
Series American McGee's Alice
Location on map
AMA Vale of Tears map

Bill McGill's house was located near the end of the Vale of Tears, in a giant hollow tree trunk. The Duchess had made herself at home by forcing the owner himself out.


American McGee's Alice[]

The house was used as an arena for Alice to battle the Duchess. After Alice had jumped onto the table and collected the Jackbomb, the area transformed and the walls moved backwards, allowing a larger area for Alice to fight in. When Alice succeeded in killing the Duchess, the latter began to sneeze from the pepper loaded in her Pepper Grinder. The Duchess sneezed so violently that her head exploded from the excess pressure. Alice was then greeted and thanked by the Mock Turtle, who proceeded to take her further into Wonderland.[1]


The house was very similar to Alice's home. It shared the likeness of the deck and the extended area to the front next to it. The house was a decaying green color and the steps leading up to the house were tarnished and broken. The house itself contained many aspects and motifs apparent in other domains of Wonderland, including playing cards and locks. The house was extremely bent and curved in certain areas, making it seem unstable, and the interior of the home was much larger than the outside.

Residents and creatures[]

  • Bill McGill
  • Duchess


  • Interestingly, it is possible that Bill had thrown the White Rabbit out of the house first, considering that it was his house that sent him down the chimney.
  • Oddly, the front door appears as playing cards.
  • The house could possibly be the bathing area of Rutledge Asylum, as in the real world Alice is battling a Nurse attempting to bathe her, while in Wonderland she is battling the Duchess.
  • For some unknown reason, which was probably overlooked, although it is Bill's house, there is a portrait of the Duchess' son Pig on the wall.