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Bill McGill
Bill McGill
Biographical information
Alias Bill the Lizard, Larry
Provenance Wonderland
Physical description
Gender Male
Skin color Brownish green
Skin type Scales
Personal information
Allies Alice Liddell, Mock Turtle
Enemies Duchess
Occupation Servant of the White Rabbit (formerly)
Further information
Voiced by Andrew Chaikin[1]
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Bill McGill at your service! Call me Larry... Or not. Have any brandy?
— Bill to Alice upon confrontation[2]

Bill McGill is a resident of Wonderland and a former servant of White Rabbit. He was seen while Alice Liddell was traveling through the Vale of Tears.


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland[]

Bill out of the chimney

Bill being shot out of the chimney.

Bill had formally been one of the servants to the White Rabbit, possibly as a chimney sweep or a handyman for the household. During her first trip through Wonderland, Alice became stuck in a room of the White Rabbit's house after drinking from an unlabeled bottle, which made her grow uncontrollably and too large for the room. After Rabbit's attempts to get into the room failed, he and the other servants sent Bill to go through the chimney to investigate, since he and another creature had a ladder in their possession. Unwilling to let Bill get through the chimney, Alice used her then huge foot that was stuck in the chimney to kick Bill, sending him shooting out of the chimney and into the air. He managed to survive the fall thanks to his fellow creatures. When Alice finally escaped the house, she briefly saw Bill being treated for his faint state with a bottle of brandy.

Later, Bill was called to be a juror in the trial of the Knave of Hearts' supposed theft of The Queen of Hearts' tarts. When his pencil squeaked too much on his slate, it annoyed Alice to the point that she took the pencil from him. Not knowing where it went, Bill started using his finger to write, even though it left no mark on the slate. During the trial, Alice had started growing large again and disturbed the jury by knocking over the jury box. She placed the jurors back, but had accidentally put Bill in his seat upside-down the first time. Soon after, the Queen "provided" ink for Bill when she threw some at his face.

American McGee's Alice[]

Following Alice's fall into insanity and Wonderland's corruption, Bill gained a very cynical outlook on life and became addicted to brandy. He owned a small, run-down house along the river in the Vale of Tears, but was forced out by the Duchess, who used his home to hide from the Queen of Hearts.

Alice met him outside of his house while she was traveling down the river, as she was looking for the Duchess to retrieve the Mock Turtle's shell from her. Between requests for brandy, Bill explained that the Duchess had taken over his home and volunteered to help retrieve the shell, but as soon as the front door of the house opened and sucked Alice inside, Bill ran away screaming.[2] After Alice killed the Duchess, Bill and Turtle entered. As Alice and Turtle left to go to the Wonderland Woods, Bill claimed he would have some leeches clean up the Duchess' corpse.[3]

He was last seen during Wonderland's return to peace.[4]


Bill looks like a chameleon and stands like a man on his back legs. He wears a brown tool-belt, a flatcap, and an off-white waistcoat. He holds a container with a screwdriver and hammer. The color of his skin is always shifting.


Bill has a very cynical, depressing view on life and has a negative attitude; when Alice said she had her wits, Bill claimed that she had nothing, as wits were useless in Wonderland. Although he is willing to put his best foot forward to help Alice, he is obviously a coward as he ran away at the sight of the doors opening. His thoughts are mostly dominated by his addiction of brandy, shown when he asked Alice for some even when she already told him she had none.


  • The surname "McGill" is an original addition by American McGee's Alice.
  • His alias being "Larry" is also another original addition. It is likely a reference to him being voiced by Larry Grey in the Disney version.
  • It was notable that after Alice killed the Duchess, Bill and the Mock Turtle ran into the room. Bill states that he would "have the leeches clean up this mess", referring to the Duchess' corpse. This could possibly be a reference to the real world in the Asylum. It has been confirmed in Wilson's casebook that while Alice was battling the Duchess, she was in fact fighting off a nurse in the Asylum. Bill and the Mock Turtle could be Wonderland counterparts (during this scene) of Orderlies. Leeches were a form of treatment in Rutledge, so it is possible that after Alice beat the Nurse, the Orderly (or Bill) ordered Alice to be treated with leeches.
    • During the next scene (which takes place underwater) could represent this procedure as many aquatic animals attack Alice.


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