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Beyond the Wall
Beyond the Wall
Location Southern hemisphere
First appearance Fortress of Doors
Series American McGee's Alice
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Fortress of Doors map
Further information
Previous Fortress of Doors
Next Skool Daze
Inside the wall is not inside the Fortress. The old Gnome was short on details.
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Beyond the Wall was the second section of the Fortress of Doors. Alice Liddell successfully infiltrated the Fortress' grounds and made her way to the Skool.


American McGee's Alice[]

Alice arrived in a long checkered corridor surrounded by stale blue bricks. The area was a maze of podiums and had a handful of Card Guards. One of the podiums was in the center of the room and contained a Rage Box that Alice used to easily kill the Card Guards. As she navigated her way through several doors, she found several platforms which moved back and forth in rhythm and eventually reached the portal on the opposite side of the platforms.

Alice then discovered a puzzle, where three levers must be pulled in the correct musical order, to complete the challenge. After completing the task, three doors opened and a portal was at the end of them, leading Alice to another room where the floor moved vertically. She reached the top of the podiums where several Boojums and three doors were located. Upon entering the correct portal, she was taken to Skool Daze.


Beyond the Wall mural

The mural of Alice in Beyond the Wall.

The floor was checkered in black and white while the blue bricks surrounded the flooring were built high and mighty with glistening lights and a golden patterned rim. There was no ceiling and only a warped sky bending the rhythm of the wind and filled with various objects was found. There were several large wooden doors bolted tightly, all of which squeaked and squealed upon opening. There were vivid green lights which moderately dimmed the area and various usage of psychedelic tones and shapes.

Residents and creatures[]

  • Boojums
  • Card Guards


  • In the room where the floor moves up and down, there is a hidden mural of Alice with the Army Ants holding her prisoner. This foreshadows the upcoming events in the Centipede's Sanctum.