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American McGee's Alice Alice: Madness Returns This article is about the real world.

Beta Content, also called BETA Content, are editions of enemies, levels or anything similar which are scrapped, unreleased or otherwise removed from the final edition of a game. Most beta content can only be found through hacking, demonstrations, game files or other unofficial, or unlicensed means. Beta content can also be found in pre-released screenshots or other similar materials, ranging from differing designs and textures to entirely different level designs and aspects.

American McGee's Alice[]


Alice Liddell[]

A Necklace

Alice can be seen with an "A" pendant rather than an omega pendant. The "A" has a design similar to that of the "A" seen in the Alice logo. Possibly depicting a golden alpha letter in place of the final golden omega.

Crooked Back Alice

Alice's default idle pose was a more hunched appearance, and slightly more prepared in appearance. Her knees were bent forward considerably.

Bloodless Alice

Originally the apron on Alice's dress had no visible bloodstains. The pockets and symbols on the apron's skirt were also considerably less visible.

Single Bow Dress

Hollow Yves was originally on the bow but didn't have any spare ribbon dangling off the back of Alice's dress. Her hair was also straighter.

Cheshire Cat[]

Purple Cheshire Cat

The Cheshire Cat originally had a mildly lighter grey skin which also had some pink pigment in areas. His tattoos were also purple and thicker.

White Rabbit[]

White Rabbit in the Vale

The White Rabbit appears in several areas, including out of cutscene where Alice can attack him but he does not respond.


Pale Realm Gryphon

A black summonable demon, in combat with the Red King's soldiers.

Black demon ice attack

A black demon using his freezing ice attack against two Army ant soldiers, outside the Duchess lair.

Tweedledum and Tweedledee[]

Oh no

A Tweedle appears in the early Mirror Image area

Voracious Centipede[]

Centipede in the Vale of Tears

Originally the Voracious Centipede appeared above ground in the Wonderland Woods, rather than in the very depths of it.


Fortress of Doors[]

  • Platforms were constantly rearranged during development and the textures were also changed. Many brick patterns became chess-like patterns and vice versa.

Unknown stage

Unknown area not seen elsewhere, presumably redesigned heavily or cut entirely.

Skool Realm[]

Alice skool friends

Alice and her friends in the Skool Realm, the large library section, refurnished and retextured later on.

Vale of Tears[]

  • The Vale of Tears were more colorful; the sky was blue and there was just less fog and many textures were brighter, it was used in the final cutscene later on.
  • When Alice was running away from the large marble-like boulder in the Woods, it was possible for the camera angle to move position.

Pale Realm[]

  • In an earlier trailer, during times when Alice can become chess pieces, parts of the ground could fall away making the chess puzzles more difficult. In the final edition, the holes in the ground are preset and all obstacles can be easily avoided.

Majestic Maze[]

  • There were several areas of the Majestic Maze which did not make it to the final edition, including an area with a red smog pit.


AMA Imp beta level

An unused area of Queensland with a Fire Imp on guard.

Alice cheshire aid

Unknown area, presumably Queen of Hearts Land. The floor texture and furnace in the background are not used elsewhere and the Imps' pitchforks are searing hot. Of note is also a possibly cut feature of Cheshire assisting in combat against enemies.


  • The target reticle was originally a red circle which would surround and track the enemy's feet.
    • In some cases, this circle would be yellow.
  • Some beta HUDs were later changed, such as the Sanity and Willpower meters, and a upgrade slot for the Demon dice.

Alice meter

In the top-right corner two meters can be seen, their small tubes carrying the colours blue and red of the Willpower and Sanity bars respectively.

Demondice HUD

The Demon dice used to have its own HUD showing its three upgrade stages, for each one a space would fill with a single dice. (tcrf, user Folkin)

Statue carpenter walrus

A cut statue prop depicting Carpenter and Walrus, unknown if they were intended to appear in-game, but they did appear in Alice: Madness Returns. (tcrf, user Folkin)

Loading screen font

The loading screen previously featured a red font for marking the stages, and omitted including those already finished.

Alice: Madness Returns[]


Alice Liddell[]

  • Alice originally had the Dress Symbols from AMA's official render on her apron.
  • Alice could originally swim through the Deluded Depths.
  • Alice originally had an ability similar to Dodging called "Dash."
  • In the Beta trailer, while Alice is Gigantic she is wearing her Royal Suit dress. In the final game, when upgrading to her giant form, Alice's dress will become Classic again; even if the player has selected the Royal Suit by choice.
  • Alice's weapons were based upon tarot, and the color of her dress would change depending on which weapon was equipped.
  • Alice's hair originally had a slight fringe similar to her original design. This was later changed so that her hair would curve around her face.
    • Alice's hair would also stay the same no matter the domain or area; Wonderland or London.
  • Large chunks of Alice's dress would cut into her leg, and the apron would cut into her dress. This was later fixed.
  • Alice had more than one voice actress. Some lines were spoken in a more "posh" voice by a different actor, rather than Susie Brann.

White Rabbit[]

  • The White Rabbit was originally set to guide Alice through the Vale of Tears, and was originally meant to be met at the beginning rather than the Cheshire Cat.
  • The White Rabbit would have played a more active role in the game, telling Alice what to do, and even telling her to run from the police at one point. His role seemed to have been given to the Cheshire Cat instead, and Rabbit only has a minor appearance in the final version.


Hyde Park[]

  • Originally, Alice's burning home appeared in the streets of London rather than in Hyde Park.


  • The London storyline was originally set to be larger, with combat included. Alice would set out to meet Pris Witless at her apartment and, presumably, Alice would hallucinate that Pris was transforming into the Jabberwock and she would either push Pris off the roof, or Alice would simply black out and wake up later with Pris gone. Either way, Alice would be wanted for Pris' murder and must now evade police capture by way of maneuvering atop the rooftops of London. (The objectives can still be found in the games files.)
  • At one point, Alice would find herself at the scene of Pris' gruesome murder in a house, although it's unknown if she is the murderer or not.
  • Alice is seen accidentally falling off the roof onto the pavement of a street below, presumably hitting her head. The street is seen crumbling into her way to Wonderland, implying this was how Alice was originally meant to return to Wonderland.
  • Although unconfirmed to have been developed, the concept art shows Alice originally had to escape Gaol using sneak-like abilities. She also had to throw rats at the police. This could possibly have been part of the police chase scenes.


  • Alice's apron and originally bounced up and down as Alice ran, with it being able to move instead of just staying stuck to her dress.
  • Alice could originally shoot small beams through the Vorpal Blade as a ranged attack, and as she did melee attacks, ammo would fill up.
  • Alice could sneak through London and she could shift herself slowly across piping attached to the sides of buildings.
  • Alice could perform actions and animations similar to the ones shown in American McGee's Alice, including her dangling and shifting around ledges and pulling herself up.
  • Alice had four other weapons: Cup, Wand, Hammer, Fire Whip.
  • The Cup later went on to become the Pepper Grinder.


  • It is possible the "A" in Alice's beta necklace could stand for "Alpha" which means the beginning, while "Ω" which means "Omega" stands for the end.