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Crazed Clockwork
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Behind the Looking Glass was a domain in Wonderland. It was essentially the Mad Hatter's domain and was located behind the Looking Glass Land.


American McGee's Alice[]

Alice falling through Mirror Image

Alice falling through the floor.

After a battle between Alice and the Tweedle twins, she met the Mad Hatter at the top of a platform and argued with him.[1] The floor fell through on Alice and took her to Behind the Looking Glass, an area which Looking Glass Land presumably ran atop of.

Alice was transported to a padded-cell room without a door afterwards and she encountered a Boojum when she left the room. As she progressed, she eventually found a room where the March Hare and Dormouse were located and strapped on machineries designed to torture them. Alice ignored both of them as she entered and stared at a machine which was toying with an Insane Child.

March Hare waking up Dormy

March Hare waking up the Dormouse.

March Hare then noticed Alice and woke up Dormouse for him to also notice Alice's presence, however, the Dormouse was disinterested as he wished to sleep, stating Alice was simply a human who was probably useless. While the Dormouse had already given up, the March Hare continued to plead with Alice, begging her to release him from the contraption.

The March Hare, after their small talk, referred to the Mad Hatter being similar to the Queen of Hearts and discussed the monarch with her. Alice then truly noticed the two and realized that they were in danger. The March Hare stated the Hatter will be back at precisely six, indicating that Alice must hurry.

Alice meeting Gryphon

Alice meeting Gryphon.

Alice continued the attempt to find the Hatter, but evidently found the Gryphon instead. He was locked in a cage as a back-up experiment for the Hatter. He knew of the conversation between Alice, the March Hare, and the Dormouse, but realized that they were simply "idiots," who only "bleather" to Alice. Gryphon remarked that they were correct about the Hatter being back at six.

She proceeded through Behind the Looking Glass in order to find the Hatter, and she eventually came to a large arena-like platform.[2] Continuing to the arena's center, she was greeted by Cheshire as she picked up the Jabberwock's Eye Staff and continue to battle with the Mad Hatter.

Once defeated, the Hatter malfunctioned, causing his wires to spark and his head to explode. Alice jumped behind a pendulum at the distant side of the arena and collected the Deadtime Watch. She left the area and retreated back to the Gryphon, who proceeded to take Alice to the Land of Fire and Brimstone.[3]

Alice's life after Rutledge[]

Hatter's Domain

Hatter's Domain after March Hare and Dormouse's leadership.

Main article: Hatter's Domain

Sometime between Alice's release at Rutledge Asylum and stay at Houndsditch Home for Wayward Youth, the March Hare and Dormouse were tricked into turning the Hatter's delicate, precise clockwork into a factory for creating the Infernal Train.[4]


The area was littered with a graceful amount of padded cells, reflecting Rutledge Asylum. Throughout the domain, there were red, glowing alchemical symbols on the floors. As Alice progressed, large pocket watches were floating through the sky and there were several blood stained messages on walls, or messages carved in with other methods.


Behind the Looking Glass had two different sections:

Residents and creatures[]


  • Behind the Looking Glass is a reference to the official sequel of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland; Through The Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There. "Behind the Looking Glass" is simply what Alice found behind Looking Glass Land, which turns out to hold the mechanics of not only Looking Glass Land but the Hatter's "domain."
  • Both the Looking Glass Land and Behind the Looking Glass were collectively known as the Madhatter's Area in the Wonderland map of the old EA website.[5]


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