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Battle Royale
Battle Royale
Location Northern hemisphere
First appearance Queensland
Series American McGee's Alice
Location on map
AMA Queensland map
Further information
Previous Royal Rage
Next Ascension

Battle Royale was the second section of Queensland. It served as the pathway between the Royal Rage and Ascension.


American McGee's Alice[]

Several chess pieces were fighting in an area above Alice, while a White Pawn was mercilessly thrown into the depths of the flowing lava below her. The pathway behind her had collapsed, forcing her to continue forth on a thin pathway while battling Card Guards until she finally reached the entrance to the Queen's castle.


Battle Royale was a long route filled with enemies and lava. It contained many thin pathways, some of which broke under the pressure of Alice's weight, while some needed to be carefully balanced on. It had many rocky cliff platforms, where some enemies fought each other and large structures similar to the ones in Heart Palace. It was shrouded by a misty, murky, and vibrant red orange sky and the area had some thin grass growing on the floor.

Residents and creatures[]