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American McGee's Alice Alice: Madness Returns Wonderland
Automaton AMR
Also known as Clockwork
First appearance Looking Glass Land [AMA]
Crockery [AMR]
Series American McGee's Alice
Alice: Madness Returns (minor)
Melee attack Arms
Ranged attack Steam, Bombs
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The Automatons were relentless and brutal enemies that used to patrol the hallways of Looking Glass Land and attacked anyone they did not recognize as an ally. They were the victims of the Mad Hatter's experimentation on the unfortunate residents of his asylum.


American McGee's Alice[]

Alice was unaware of the Automatons until she arrived in the Tweedle twins' funhouse in Mirror Image. The Automatons came crashing through the mirrors, giving Alice several passages which she used to run through. Alice kept meeting more of them until she finally met the Mad Hatter.[1] While fighting the Hatter, he used these machines to distract Alice as he rested.[2]

Alice: Madness Returns[]

AMR - Automaton

An automaton in Alice Madness Returns

An Automaton was present near the edge of the Crockery. However, it had been long shut down[3] and the Madcap[4] inside it were only skeletal remains whose hands were firmly clutched to the gears.[3] A different kind of Automaton appeared in Hatter's Domain and they had a giant eyeball combined with mechanical parts and pieces.[5][6]


Automatons were robots created by the Mad Hatter which appear to be made out of a copper or brass-like metal. Their outer shells were extremely corroded and they directed themselves with two wheels attached to their main body. They were constantly releasing steam through their head and torso, which was also implemented into their attacks. They were slightly guarded by some very thin spiked armor. Although unseen, it was apparent that the Insane Children were trapped inside of the Automatons.[7]

The Automaton that was left in the Crockery had its chest plate open[3] and the skeleton of a Madcap[4] was left inside it.[3]


The Automaton has a varied range of attacks composing of one melee and two ranged.

  • Arms – The Automaton violently swings its arms in an attempt to incapacitate Alice.
  • Bombs – The bombs are thrown at Alice violently and repetitively.
  • Steam – The Automaton projects steam in Alice's direction to burn her with its heat.


Automatons can be killed very easily if Alice uses the correct weapons. By this point, the player should have obtained the Ice Wand after the Icy Reception during the Wonderland Woods. This weapon is extremely effective in destroying in Automatons without taking any damage. It is also good to use the Ice Wand during the earlier levels in which they can be fought, as during these levels there is a lot of Will for Alice to collect.

The automaton can prove durable on both lower and higher difficulties, therefore it is advised to first use Jackbomb's blast to wear them down. The Dice can be potent as well, provided that it summons the serpent demon for assistance. Then, once the player collects the Jacks from the Mirror Image section, they can use them in combination with the Jackbomb.

The Automaton has three primary attacks, including a burst of steam which blows towards Alice, sending her in different directions. The Automaton also has a melee attack where if close enough, it will swing its arms 180 degrees in an attempt to bash Alice. It can also throw bombs which are able to follow Alice slightly before exploding.


  • In a livestream, American McGee shows a bit of disdain towards the Automaton, stating that he did not like that they implemented “Another generic robot on wheels” into the game as an enemy.


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