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Ash render


Based on

Burned version of Classic dress


Alice: Asylum

The Ash dress is the name given to the dress Alice Liddell will wear in the upcoming Alice: Asylum.


Dress symbols

Main article: Dress symbols

The symbols pictured on her apron are of sulfur and fire, most likely because the game happens soon after the fire, and the dress is centered around ash and fire, hence the name "Ash Dress".

  • SulfurSulfur symbol
  • Fire


Her necklace is a variant of the Symbol of Chaos. Her apron has soot all over it, and is horribly tattered and ripped, and the dress itself is black and seems to have burning lines still there. Her stockings, seemingly grey and black. The laces on her boots red and orange, to have the illusion of them being red-hot burning.

Hollow Yves

Hollow Yves's skull is black and grey to look like it's falling apart, and is planned too light up to start burning and have its mouth open while doing so. The dangling ribbons are in the same state as the apron, horribly tattered and soot infested. Hollow Yves actually has eyes which are red.


Alice ash back
Back view
Alice ash skull
Hollow Yves burning
Asylum on fire
Concept art


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