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American McGee's Alice Wonderland
Location Northern hemisphere
First appearance Queensland
Series American McGee's Alice
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Ascension was the third section of Queensland and a grotesque and horrid area that ascended to the Queen of Hearts' lair. From the outside, it was heavily protected by the Card Guards and lava, while the inside was created from her internal organs and other bodily functions.


American McGee's Alice[]

As Alice arrived in Ascension, she encountered the Heart Palace towering over her and everything nearby. She navigated the area using several platforms before arriving at the entrance of the castle. After entering, she was swarmed by Card Guards from every direction. When she arrived into the depths of the castle, Alice found an elevator and was taken to the Castle Keep.


Ascension was particularly more Gothic than most areas of Wonderland. The exterior of the castle was grand and primarily red to suit the Queen. It was surrounded by platforms and lava with a small bridge leading up to the entrance. The interior was a flesh-torn mess of structure of guts colored in a vibrant red and supported by the Queen's very own bones. There were also stained glass windows and doors which were lit through vibrant colors such as purple and yellow. The floors tended cracked and there was very little greenery in the area.

Residents and creatures[]

  • Card Guards