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Around the World
Around the World dress
Based on Women's circus costumes and men's steam-punk outfits
Series Alice: Otherlands

The Around the World dress is the third outfit worn by Alice Liddell during her visit to Jules Verne's Otherland.


Dress symbols[]

Main article: Dress symbol
  • AirAir symbol – For communication, socialization, and conceptualization.
  • AntimonyAntimony symbol – Represents animal tendencies in humankind; the symbol of the wild nature in everyone.


Alice wears a mini black top hat with a red feather, and a black ribbon around her neck. She wears a black and red corset, showing a little cleavage, under an unbuttoned red jacket. Her dress skirt is black with white frills. Her stockings have a black-and-white diamond checkered design, and she wears red high heels. Her Vorpal Blade sheath is maroon with brown at its opening, decorated with a black bow with light brown edges.

Hollow Yves[]

Hollow Yves lacks his ribbons and is clipped on the huge red bow at Alice's back.


  • The dress may have been inspired by Verne's first novel, Five Weeks in a Balloon.
  • Hot air balloons are usually released in culture fair environments. Balloons are whimsical, celebratory and festive. As such, Alice's clown-like attire for this scene is cute, playful, and fun. The design was created by referencing women's period circus costumes and men's steam-punk outfits.[1]