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Army Ant
Army Ant
Also known as Ants
First appearance Vale of Tears
Series American McGee's Alice
Melee attack Mandibles, Saber, Bayonet
Ranged attack Musket, Grenades
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Army Ants are one of the primary foes in the Vale of Tears. Army Ants form the backbone of the Voracious Centipede's army, and also patrol the banks of the Vale of Tears. Several Army Ants also guard the Duchess' home, formerly Bill McGill's home. There are two types, both of whom are red and dress in 18th century-style military uniforms, albeit with different colored uniforms and different set of weapons.

Both types of Ants, when killed, produce an amount of green blood that acts like acid, and can harm Alice.


American McGee's Alice[]

As Alice arrives in the Pool of Tears, she if force by the White Rabbit to climb up a steep cliff riddled with water and platforms. Upon climbing, however, the Ants push rocks down the cliff for unknown reasons (as they are not doing it to hurt Alice - the rocks merely get in her way). Upon arriving at the top of the cliff, the Ants are hostile towards Alice and attack her. From this point on, Army Ants are present throughout the Vale of Tears and Wonderland Woods.



Army Ants, who dress in blue uniforms, wield bayoneted muskets. These Ants will fire upon Alice once she is within their range, with a chance of hitting depending on whether they are moving or standing still. When Alice is even closer to them, they will react by either attempting to bite Alice with their mandibles, or thrusting with their bayonets.


Fungiferous Flora - Multiple enemies

An Army Ant with a hidden Antlion.

Army Ants, whose uniform is green, possess a stronger attack and a larger health pool, as well as their flee-margin being significantly smaller than their blue counterparts. They carry a saber in place of a musket, and will lob grenades for their ranged attack. The grenades are more powerful than the blue Ants' muskets, and have an area of effect as opposed to contact damage, but have a significantly more limited range.

Like the blue Ants, they will melee Alice when she is within their range, but use their saber as opposed to a bayonet.


  • Shooting – The Army Ant can use his rifle to shoot Alice, removing a large portion of health
  • Stabbing – The Ant can also use the bayonet on his rifle to stab Alice, and launch her into the air, sometimes leading to instant death when done in certain areas.


The Army Ants have two attacks, both of which can be easily avoided. Before the Army Ant stabs or shoots Alice there is a windup the player can lookout for. The Army Ant will either raise his rifle up or down, depending on his attack. Running to the side to avoid the shooting attack, and quickly running backwards to avoid the stabbing attack.


  • The green-coated Ants seem to represent corporals who would often lead standard soldiers in battle during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, based upon their gestures. Corporals often carried only a saber and no long arm, or carried only a pistol for ranged protection. This is hinted at by the filename for the green army ants, which is "armyantcorp."
  • In Beyond the Wall, as Alice jumps up from platform to platform in order to reach the portal above, there are pillars that support a mural which displays Alice and the Centipede in the center, flanked by Army Ants to the left and Antlions to the right.