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Armored Card Guard
Armored Card Guard
Also known as Elite Card Guard[1]
First appearance Queensland
Series Alice: Madness Returns
Melee attack Swing
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The Armored Card Guard is a variant of the Card Guards and a more powerful enemy. Although its attacks are powerful, the Armored Card Guard is slow due to both its poleaxe and heavy armor.


Alice: Madness Returns[]

After getting chased by the Executioner, Alice slid down a hole and arrived in a room of the castle. An Armored Card Guard rose up from the ground and attacked her.[2]


The Armored Card Guard's eye sockets glow bright red. It is covered with chainmail armor and carries a poleaxe with the blade in the shape of a heart. The armor grants it near-invulnerability to all forms of attack, and the poleaxe does a great deal of damage.


  • Swing – The Armored Card Guard will swing its poleaxe and slam down on Alice. If this attack misses, he is stunned for a few seconds and is vulnerable.



Alice Madness Returns - Tough Enemies 7 - Armoured Card Guard

Alice fighting an Armored Card Guard.

When the Armored Card Guard swings its weapon, it will get stuck, leaving a heart-shaped weak spot on its back open for attack. It is recommended to strike once then dodge before returning to attack, as after being hit once, the Armored Card Guard will free its weapon for another swing. Hitting the heart-shape with a blast from the Teapot Cannon will stun the enemy, leaving it extremely vulnerable to attack from behind.


  • Each Armored Card Guard encountered by Alice appears to be only a heart variant.
  • The Executioner can call Armored Card Guards to assist him while chasing Alice through Queensland.
  • Players can earn the "52 Pick-Up" achievement/trophy by defeating fifty-two Card Guards, whether it be normal Card Guards or Armored Card Guards.


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