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American McGee's Alice Wonderland
First appearance Wonderland Woods
Series American McGee's Alice
Melee attack Burrowing, biting
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Antlions are ant-like insects who have the ability to burrow underground and attack prey without warning. When underground, the only thing that can be seen are their mandibles sticking up from the dirt as well as some slight shadowing. Upon sensing Alice Liddell, they would dig up from the dirt and attack and quickly as possible.

They also scream if they do not see prey for a while and are still above ground. Their scream is deep and human-like. They tend to hiss at Alice when provoked.


American McGee's Alice[]

Antlions first appeared during the Wonderland Woods and were small enemies that were quick to the fray. They mostly spend their time underground until provoked, and were mostly seen in Fungiferous Flora. They tended to stand safely by the side of their more developed brethren, the Army Ants.


Fungiferous Flora - The Ants

The Antlion from its front perspective.

Antlions possess large mandibles and multiple legs, with two legs coming out of their mouth. They are a dirty caramel brown color and contain a large beak with hundreds of piercing teeth. They also have a scorpion-like tail which trembles behind them.


The Antlion has two primary attacks, both of which are melee:

  • Burrow – The Antlion buries itself underground, waiting for its prey to walk by.
  • Bite – They bite Alice fiercely when she comes close.


Antlions are fairly sensitive towards a fair dose of the Ice Wand, but they are still incredibly fast. As they posses no ranged attack, it is helpful to stay far away from them, but not so far that they are out of range. It should also be noted that staying away from them may be difficult as they are fast, but staying on ground they cannot reach helps considerably.