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American McGee's Alice Unreleased Original Soundtrack
AMA Deluxe Soundtrack cover
Artist Chris Vrenna

The American McGee's Alice Unreleased Original Soundtrack is a slightly extended soundtrack from its original counterpart, the American McGee's Alice Original Soundtrack. It contains several pieces of unreleased soundtrack that could be found in-game, but was simply never released on the soundtrack for unknown reasons.

The pieces included in this soundtrack were never released officially, but did see a debut in American McGee's Alice. The original released soundtrack was sold from October 16, 2001 onwards.

Unlike the Alice: Madness Returns Unreleased Original Soundtrack, all unreleased pieces in this edition of the soundtrack were all fair in length (excluding the "bad" edition of "A Happy Ending") and therefore could have been placed on the soundtrack.


  1. "Centipede's Sanctum"
  2. "Duchess"
  3. "Dry Landing"
  4. "Hollow Hideaway"
  5. "About Face (Mad Hatter)"
  6. "Jabberwock's Lair"
  7. "The Puppet Queen"
  8. "A Bad Finale"

Alternate tracklist[]

This is a tracklist that combines all music that resembles a chronological order of the game. Some of the tracks on the official soundtrack are misnomers, for example, "Battle with the Red Queen" doesn't actually play during the final battle, "The Centipede" does not either, etc.

  1. "Falling Down the Rabbit Hole" (link) (could also be placed between 17/18 as it plays in Crazed Clockwork, and later, Battle Royale, but the voices fit the opening)
  2. "Village of the Doomed" (link) - Plays in Village of the Doomed
  3. "Pandemonium" (link) - Plays further in Village of the Doomed
  4. "Late to the Jabberwocky" (link) - Plays outside Skool fortress
  5. "Fortress of Doors" (link) - Plays in Fortress of Doors
  6. "Battle with the Red Queen" (link) - Plays entering Skool for first time
  7. "Skool Daze" (link) - Plays further in Skool
  8. "Pool of Tears" (link) - Plays in Vale of Tears
  9. "Hollow Hideaway" - Plays in Hollow Hideaway
  10. "Duchess" - Plays during Duchess fight
  11. "Wonderland Woods" (link) - Plays while swimming with Mock Turtle
  12. "Dry Landing" - Plays at Dry Landing
  13. "Flying on the Wings of Steam" (link) - Plays in Icy Reception
  14. "Fungiferous Flora" (link) - Plays in Fungiferous Flora
  15. "Centipede's Sanctum" - Plays in Centipede's Sanctum
  16. "I'm Not Edible" (link) - Plays in Pale Realm
  17. "The Funhouse" (link) - Plays in Mirror Image
  18. "Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum" (link) - Plays fighting Tweedledum and Tweedledee
  19. "About Face (Mad Hatter)" - Plays fighting Mad Hatter
  20. "Jabberwock's Lair" - Plays fighting Jabberwock
  21. "The Centipede" (link) - Plays in Labyrinthine Revenge
  22. "Fire and Brimstone" (link) - Plays in Ascension
  23. "Time to Die" (link) - Plays in Castle Keep
  24. "The Puppet Queen" - Plays fighting Queen of Hearts
  25. "A Happy Ending" (link) - Ending music
  26. "A Bad Finale" - Ending music
  27. "Taking Tea in Dreamland" (link) - Doesn't appear in the game
  28. "Flying on the Wings of Steam (remix)" (link) - Doesn't appear in the game

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