Authority must be obeyed, or it must be overthrown.
This is an official Alice Wiki policy. It has wide acceptance among editors and is a standard that everyone should follow. Except for minor edits, please make use of the discussion page to propose changes to this policy.
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Forums are the central location for community discussion regarding the wiki and its topic.


The following sections are existing boards that cater to specific areas of concern of the community in the wiki. Each board title is based on a known location in the Alice-series that is closely related to a particular concern.


Queensland is for general wiki discussions which usually require community consensus. The threads are highlighted to encourage the community to leave their thoughts or opinions on the matter. The length of these discussions usually last almost a week before they are closed by an administrator with an inclusion of a reason for their approval or rejection if needed. Some of the threads also serve as proof of discussion to a Wikia staff on topics requiring their intervention.

General wiki discussions include:

Quote changes

Due to a number of quotes available in the Alice-series regarding a certain article and the varying opinions of the community, quote changes should be discussed before they are reflected on the article itself.

In order to have an easier discussion, the following format must be used:

| prev={{Quote|actual quote|speaker}}
| prop={{Quote|actual quote|speaker}}

Reason for change

where prev and prop means previous quote and proposed quote, respectively.

Once there are enough votes agreeing to or against the change after several days, an administrator will close the thread. Otherwise, the thread will stay open if there are an equal number of votes from those who support or not support the change, or less than two votes (this does not include the vote of the user who proposed the quote). In the case of a tie, an administrator who has not voted must opt to provide their vote to break it. The quote cannot also be changed if the thread has not been closed by an administrator.


Wonderland is for general announcements in the wiki. These usually do not require any discussions and are often immediately closed for this reason.

Peak Temple

Peak Temple is for reporting problems that require immediate administrator action. These can also be the place for requesting information or assistance on tasks regarding the wiki.

These include:

  • Tasks requiring the use of bots
  • Reporting JS or CSS problems
  • Inquiring about certain settings on the wiki (e.g. blog comment duration, JS used in the wiki)


Londerland is for all Alice-series discussions. Everyone is welcome to post their theories and speculations, ask around on the series' gameplay, and more. Posting certain technical problems in the games are also allowed; however, it is highly encouraged to use Google first before posting as those who will respond have likely used it to answer your problem.

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