Such order in the midst of chaos makes me woozy and disoriented.

Welcome to Alice Wiki! This page is the starting point for all editors. It has several help pages useful for kickstarting your editing experience and contact pages should you need any help!

How do I start?


  • You could start with Help:Editing or Help:Tutorial in Community Central.
  • When you feel you have a grasp of using the edit page, read the Manual of Style. It's the official guide for all editors of this wiki!


  • When you are finished with the basics, you can start finding out about how the wiki works. So don't forget to read the policy page for all the important stuff!
  • More editing help are available in Category:Editing in Community Central.

Where can I edit?

Interacting with others

Need more help?

General wiki manager. Updates images, articles, and wiki content. Contact for general issues on the wiki or its articles. Active
Resident spellchecker. Commonly seen fixing most typographical errors in articles. Contact if you need help with spelling accuracy. Inactive
Interlanguage and social media monitor. Contact for help regarding other wiki versions or official Alice Wiki social media questions. Inactive
All-around editor. Usually handles images, technical stuff, and articles. Runs a bot. Contact for technical and image inquiries. Active
Article improver. Has been spotted correcting various article inaccuracies. Contact if you need assistance regarding articles. Inactive

Contact an active administrator on their message wall or go to Board:Peak Temple!

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