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Alice is, primarily, a dualogy of video games directed by American McGee, although it has expanded to include animated films, some literature, etc. The series is primarily published by Electronic Arts and has had multiple developers, mainly Rogue Entertainment and Spicy Horse.

After the release of the first game, the series received "cult classic" status. The series is often applauded for its surreal and visceral art design, intriguing psychological storyline that covers mature and adult subject matter, haunting music, and entertaining gameplay that crosses platforming, combat and puzzle solving.


The series is a macabre unauthorized continuation of the two surreal classic children's novels written by Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass.

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Alice in catatonia in the asylum.

The plot of the series focuses on a young woman living in London near the mid-end of the 19th century, Alice Liddell. As a child, Alice grew up with an imaginary world in her mind called Wonderland. However, after her family's death in a tragic house fire, she is sent to an insane asylum called Rutledge Asylum; her mental health deteriorates and she has become mentally ill in a coma. The series focuses on Alice struggling with her mental illness, her recovery from her insanity, and her dealing with the border between reality and a corrupted nightmarish Wonderland.

The series focuses on themes such as mental health, trauma, grief, psychology, and much more.


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