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Alice TV series
Directed by David Hayter
Produced by Ted Field
Anthony Tringali
Maria Frisk
Michael Napoliello
Karen Lauder
Marcus Ticotin
Written by David Hayter
Release date 202X

Alice (final name unknown) is an upcoming TV series. It has no set release date.

It is being created by David Hayter. The TV adaptation is a collaboration between Radar Pictures, Abandon Entertainment and Hayter, who will write and produce the series. Anthony Tringali, Maria Frisk, Michael Napoliello, Karen Lauder and Marcus Ticotin will share the producer credits.

The series will be executive produced by Radar Pictures' Ted Field, whose producer credits include the Jumanji franchise, the Riddick franchise, Amityville Horror, The Last Samurai and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

American McGee's involvement in the show is unclear, although he mentioned he had creative chats with David to discuss ideas for the show.


The series, from its description, appears to be an adaptation of American McGee's Alice. It is unclear if any elements from Alice: Madness Returns and Alice: Asylum will be adapted, as well as how faithful it will be to the original.

It is also unknown if it can be considered canon to the video games, albeit with slightly different events, or if it will be set in its own universe separate from the games.


The project was announced on January 31, 2022. Previously, it was teased by American McGee on his Patreon for Alice: Asylum, although he only mentioned big Alice news was around the corner. McGee mentioned that if it were not for the fans supporting Asylum, then the TV series would not come to fruition, saying the game's pre-production is what attracted the attention of Radar Pictures.[1]

The news was well-received, although some fans were disappointed because they thought it was an announcement that Asylum was going to be developed. However, fans were still pleased that it seemed Electronic Arts was finally doing something with the Alice IP after several years of inactivity, hoping the TV series would garner interest in Asylum being developed, as well as help grow the fandom.


  • Asylum was eventually revealed to be cancelled. When asked if this meant the TV series was too, McGee said, "To the best of our knowledge, work is still happening to get a TV show made, but we're not involved in that work and don't wish to be."
  • Previously, American McGee attempted for about two decades to adapt the Alice series into a movie, although the movie kept entering development hell. For more information, see American_McGee#Alice film.


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