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The Alice: Madness Returns enemies are some of the most recurring obstacles Alice Liddell had to face throughout her journey in Wonderland.




  • Armored Card Guard — A variant of Card Guard whose armor grants it near-invulnerability to all forms of attack, and whose poleaxe does a great deal of damage.
  • Bitch Baby — A head of a doll with screws on its eyes and has four spinning doll legs that act as propellers.
  • Bolterfly — A flying bolt with wings. Usually comes with several hives around the area.
  • Cannon Crab — A crustacean with a cannon as its right arm and its exo-skeleton immune to attacks.
  • Card Guard — A zombified human card. Has four types.
  • Colossal Ruin — The largest existing ruin. It has four arms and a huge doll head at the bottom, three doll heads and two other pairs of arms in the middle, and a huge engine on the top of its sludge body.
  • Daimyo Wasp — A wasp that wears an elaborate armor and wields a long naginata.
  • Doll Girl — A huge, eyeless doll whose weapons are halves of a pair of scissors or hooks. Another variation of doll girl has blonde hair, abnormally big eyes, an open mouth, and carries the same weapon as her eyeless counterpart.
  • Drifting Ruin — A floating, jellyfish-like organism made of black sludge and doll parts.
  • Drowned Sailor — Soul of a drowned man lost at sea.
  • Executioner — A huge humanoid made up of several Card Guard parts.
  • Eyepot — A teapot-like creature that runs on three spider-like "legs" and has a red, cat-like eye in the center of its metal body.
  • Ice Snark — An anglerfish with leg-like limbs.
  • Insidious Ruin — Composed mainly of ruin and has a doll head and engine which pump out a small amount of black smog.
  • Lost Souls — The crew of the Drowned Captain that were trapped in the crypts.
  • Madcap — Swift and evasive. A shield-bearing madcap is invulnerable from attacks at the front but are weak at the back.
  • Menacing Ruin — A three-doll-headed ruin with three arms, two of which are doll arms while the third is purely made of ruin.
  • Red Knight — A chess piece that kills Alice in the chess board once she crosses its way.
  • Red Rook — A member of the Red Army that blocks Alice in the chess board.
  • Samurai Ink Wasp — A silhouette-like wasp whose hive is a stone tablet.
  • Samurai Wasp Archer — A flying red-garbed wasp that can shoot fire arrows.
  • Samurai Wasp — A yellow-garbed wasp skilled in the art of the katana.
  • Shipwreck Shark — A menacing creature seen during the events in Deluded Depths and Tundraful.
  • Slithering Ruin — A leech-like enemy that will drain Alice's health if not dodged.


  • Automaton  — Automatons originally appeared in American McGee's Alice, but were scrapped from Alice: Madness Returns. They can still be seen behind pipes in Hatter's Domain, hidden in the background as an Easter egg.
  • Dog Baby — A dog's skull with fleshy ears on top of screws which allow for his movement. According to the The Art of Alice: Madness Returns, he began life as Doll Girl's pet. He would attack Alice using a prehensile tongue. He also appears in the Extra Content, and can be seen as a decoration in the Dollmaker's Workshop.
  • Doll Boy — The Doll Boy makes a brief appearance in the Extra Content section. He appears to have been made to fight exactly like his female counterpart, the Doll Girl. He is a large china doll with a big head, wielding two scissor blades as daggers. He has short strawberry-blond hair lumped, round white eyes, and his face has been damaged, bearing cracks and nails. He wears a green silk shirt, shorts, a pink bow around his neck, and toeless socks.
  • Kraken — A giant creature who would stalk Alice throughout the level. One of his tentacles can be seen in The Art of Alice: Madness Returns. It would spit poison or create electricity.
  • Meat Baby — A porcelain doll cut in half and filled with meat.
  • Mersquid — The Mersquid appears in the Extra Content and in The Art of Alice: Madness Returns. She is a broken part of the bow of a ship with a demonic Mermaid carved into it. It has four anchors that act as her tentacles, and swims around in a squid like manner, all the while attacking Alice. It is said that they would bring down ships and sailors with their siren songs, and collect their chains and anchors to become stronger.
  • Piranha — A round fish which can open its mouth 180 degrees. It appears in The Art of Alice: Madness Returns and in the Extra Content. Some can also be seen frozen within ice blocks at a London fishery in Chapter 2.
  • Wasp Empress — The Wasp Empress makes an appearance in the Extra Content and in The Art of Alice: Madness Returns. Her first design was that of a white ink wasp that came out of a Chinese red lantern. Her final design has a white kimono and three traditional Japanese masks. She wielded four katanas, one for each arm.


  • The design of the Wasp Empress was inspired by Lucy Liu in Kill Bill.[1]
  • The concept art shows that the Green Noh mask is floating while the Empress wears the white Noh mask. This is reversed in the enemies model.
  • The Mersquid could possibly be a Wonderland version of the mermaid bust that appears in the Mangled Mermaid.


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