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Alice Original Deluxe Soundtrack
AMR Deluxe Soundtrack cover
Artist Jason Tai
Marshall Crutcher

The Alice: Madness Returns Unreleased Original Soundtrack, also known as Alice Original Deluxe Soundtrack, is the extended soundtrack of Alice: Madness Returns.

Unlike the Alice: Madness Returns Original Soundtrack, which has only 22 pieces, this soundtrack features 101 different pieces that have previously been unreleased. The full soundtrack has never been released officially, unlike the official soundtrack which was released on May 17, 2011.


The tracks are not the official names for the soundtrack pieces. They are, however, derived from their original file names (e.g. Combat_Music_05_v2_lite having the name of "Combat Music [Version V.II Lite]").

List of songs in the soundtrack


  • It does not contain the music that plays when the game is left idle on the PlayStation 3 version.[1]
  • It is possible that most pieces on the soundtrack were not released due to the fact many of the pieces were far too short for release, some being less than ten seconds long. Many pieces also sound similar to match the moods of certain domains and therefore would be pointless to release.
  • No pieces are unnamed in the soundtrack. [Unknown] is used when there is a piece that cannot be translated from its original name (for example, "Ch5_OWHH" would be "Chapter 5 - Off With Her Head"). Names like these are commonly used at the beginning of Chapters and end of Chapters (during their cutscenes).
  • Piece 32, titled "W1", could refer to the Western postcode area of London.

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