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Alice: Otherlands
Also known as Alberich the Dragon
First appearance "A Night at the Opera"
Series Alice: Otherlands
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Alberich was a dwarf who had stolen Alice's necklace and used it to turn himself into a dragon.


Alice: Otherlands[]

After Alice saw the stage become an underwater backdrop, Alberich emerged from the other side of the stage, and ripped her necklace from her chest. He quickly escaped as Alice could only look at his retreating figure.

Under the orders of Wotan, Alice and the Valkyries came to the mountain cavern where Alberich resided and attacked him. He fought back, however, he was at a disadvantage since the Valkyries dodged his breath of fire and had managed to circle closer to his head until Alice swooped down in front of him and threw her spear into his mouth, causing his demise. He then turned back into his original appearance.[1]


As a dwarf, Alberich was short and had green skin. He was only wearing a brown loin cloth and was barefooted. His dragon form after utilizing Alice's necklace was a white, large, skeletal dragon with red eyes. His wings were still intact and had minor tears.


  • Alberich is based on the Dwaf chieften of the same name from Wagner's opera cycle Der Ring des Nibelungen, while his status as a dwarf becoming a dragon came from Fafnir.