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Airborne Terror
Airborne Terror - Cheshire Cat
Location Eastern hemisphere
First appearance Queen of Hearts Land
Series American McGee's Alice
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Queen of Hearts Land map
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Previous Majestic Maze
Next Mystifying Madness

Airborne Terror was the second section of Queen of Hearts Land. It was a section that relied heavily on balance and control.


American McGee's Alice[]

As Alice arrived in Airborne Terror after completing the Queen's Majestic Maze, she was greeted by the Cheshire Cat who gave her cryptic advice about the area. Alice then navigated her way over several Steam Vents and found herself balancing on the cogs and gears of the Queen's garden.


Airborne Terror - Red lights

The red lights coming from the windows.

Airborne Terror was set in a series of dull rooms with hard stone bricks that were slowly rotting away. Some were hidden by large metal pipelines, which ran from tip to toe. All the platforms were made from unsteady wooden levels held up by even more unsteady, thin planks. All of the bridges leading from the platforms had been severed and laid face-down against it, forcing Alice to use vents to travel to and from her destinations. There were doll-like faces that vertically blew steam on some of the walls, which pushed Alice away once she came in contact with it.

There were enormous metal contraptions made of gigantic cogs and wheels spinning at slow and fast paces near the end of the section that Alice used as platforms. There were also some windows which bled a murky, dead red into the room's atmosphere.

Residents and creatures[]