Hi all! I'm Lia, an admin of this wiki. I recently found another similar pt-br Alice Wiki and asked if the founder would like to merge their wiki's content with ours and she agreed. Basically, what the wiki merge does is combine two wikis as one, and the pages with the most updated and informative content are kept. Since we have the up-to-date content, the other wiki's content that we lack will be just copied to the respective articles they belong to.

For the merge to be accepted, both wikis must agree on it. So feel free to leave your concerns/agreement/disagreement on the comments below for the Staff to see! This blog will be up for a week!

P.S. For more information, see Help:Merging wikis.

Lia (wall) 05h17min de 27 de novembro de 2014 (UTC)

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