Hello all! I'm LiaSakura, an administrator from the English Alice Wiki. My fellow admin, Ghostdoe, and I have been making an effort to clean up/help the other interlanguage versions because they either have only one active contributor or are completely inactive. I'm going to adopt this wiki to update it's layout and contents to an extent. I unfortunately do not know any Portugese or Brazilian, which is why my tasks would only range from templates, MediaWiki and Help pages, to placing English translations, infoboxes, and navboxes in articles.

The actual discussion thread can be seen in Thread:10046 in the English Alice Wiki. So please provide your input if you have actively or have contributed to this wiki. The blog and thread would be up for a week and following that, it will be used in the adoption request in the Portugese adoption page.

Lia (wall) 03h29min de 28 de setembro de 2014 (UTC)

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